The Perfect Winter Coat for You

Find the coat that best fits you for any style


Meswari El

Expressive Girl

Your expressive girl is the one whos not afraid to stand out, try new things, follow or make their own trends.  Fashion is an expressive girl form of art and self-expression.  The trendy girl tends to gravitate towards funky prints, contemporary silhouettes and loves switching out her style as often as possible. One day she might be 50’s vintage and the next be interested in the current street style trends. Some styles you will see a lot of expressive girls wearing will be puffer coats, anything with animal print and the infamous teddy coat.

Classic Girl

Your classic girl loves her timeless pieces.  She loves classic fashion because it stood the test of time, always look good and a classic girls number one priority is to be able to wear her pieces for year and years.  Classic girls tend to gravitate towards luxury items that can be worn for more than one occasion. Something classic girls might gravitate towards a faux fur coat. Long or short, or they might be interested.  If the classic girl is looking for something with a lighter feel, she could throw on a trench coat that can be single or double breasted.  The ultimate safe bet when the classic girl needs to be covered up from the cold is a peacoat.  It is reliable, trusting and always in style.   


Bohemian is often referred to as boho or boho chic. It is a reflection of the fashion trends of the 1970s.  Its essence is free and flowy fabrics. In the winter this coat can be a little bit difficult to work with, but it can be possible. The key to having a boho coat for the winter is to play around  the with fabrics, textures, and prints. The boho girl will most likely have a very simple base, something like a shawl or a long cardigan and have a floral print or tribal. Having a fringe or knit work is another fun accessory that can spice up your outfit. 


Romantics will always gravitate toward twirling midi skirts, floral patterns, blushing pinks, silk blouses, pearls, and antique jewelry.  They also love to experiment with the vintage side of clothing as well. The romantic loves to enhance her natural beauty by incorporating feminine details and flattering fits. The romantic’s love walker coats and the way it cinches at the waist with a matching belt.  Romantics also love an kind of wrap coat and the elegance that comes with wearing one.  A high neck coat is also something that is always in the closet of a romantic as it can also transform into a nighttime outfit.  


Comfy is the mantra of the casual girl.  Anything that is easy to throw on, goes with everything and can get the job done is the one for the casual girl.  The casual girl wants to live free of any fashion restrictions, like high heels and shapewear.  She will always prefer to wear something along the lines of a slouchy cardigan which can also offer some comfort and keep the cold out.  A down coat is always a good option for winter as it keeps the casual girl feeling toasty.