A New Time, A New Sound


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Rock and Roll is the type of music a lot of people enjoy and have heard of. The rhythm of rock came up around 1950 with Elvis Presley and  Buddy Holly as some of the major pioneers of the genre with the help of other artists as well. As the energy and rhythm changes through the years, different artists rise to the charts.


Rock is like the base of some of the best music. “It’s clear to see how Rock ‘n Roll has influenced other genres like pop, rap, metal, and EDM, and has also created multiple sub-genres like classic rock, indie rock, glam rock, alternative rock, punk rock, synth-pop, post-rock, progressive rock, ska, rap-rock, funk rock, and math rock. No matter how different the music may sound, the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll has helped form many of these genres.” ( Rock and roll infuence, 7)


While rock and roll and pop have lived with each other for a while, pop got a little bigger in popularity after people like Blondie, Michael Jackson, and Prince. And some of these artists where considered a little bit of both. Mj was later call the ‘‘King of Pop’ due to his legendary pop performances.’’ As time went on rock and pop merged for a little bit and then at the start of 2000, pop became more popular and people soon did not want AC/DC as much as they wanted to hear more music from Britney Spears.


Pop is such a big thing nowadays and its been like this for more than 20 years, “Musicians such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Ms. Jackson would shape the 2000’s pop culture.” This means most older artists will no longer make the same beats people want to hear, because people hear higher pitches better than deeper ones that come from rock!

This article here talks about a lot of the reasons people enjoy and like pop! It adds points like how pop music is very easy to remember and each song sounds similar yet different with the volume of instruments they use.

For rock and roll, every song had some sort of guitar! That was part of the genre and a part that many people enjoyed. With pop, they branch out with the background beats and instruments they use.

Pop has now become much more popular and different to match the current trends our generation is making. As we need newer rhythms, artists are given a wider selection of instruments and sounds they can make and match their lyrics. It is cool to see what is popular and to see what may come for music! It’s such a wide and vast topic that has loopholes and some sort of connection to each other.