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The Student News Site of Patriot High School

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The Student News Site of Patriot High School

The Charge

Roll the Clips… It’s Time to end Movies over Two Hours

Roll the Clips… It’s Time to end Movies over Two Hours

Arianna Nahim May 24, 2022

A blockbuster film has just made a smash into the theater. Since the debut of its cast list, The Batman has been highly anticipated, and with Robert Pattinson starring as Batman, anticipation only bubbled....

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In the image above, students of a Tampa Bay school are waving pride flags during a walk-out protest.

Students Opinions on the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Grace Tisinger, opinion writer May 18, 2022

On Feb 24, 2022, Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would restrict grades K-3rd to talk about sexual orientation and gender identities in all of Florida’s school counties. The bill would allow parents to...

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Fasting on the Field

Lexy Panjsheeri May 17, 2022

White lips, dry mouth, loud stomach, heavy breathing, and a persistent thought of giving up. This feels like it can last for an eternity; Muslim athletes all over the world are facing these challenges...

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The Toxic Reality of Prom: Not Everyones Dream Night

The Toxic Reality of Prom: Not Everyone’s Dream Night

Sanya Sewani April 22, 2022

The thrill, loud music, screaming the lyrics of songs, prom night, a night of memories, $200 dress, $70 nails, $45 hair, 180 likes--wait when did this become a game of numbers?   This occasion across...

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Photo by: Sahar Tabibi

‘Not Even Water?’ – Ramadan Explained

Lexy Panjsheeri , Melissa Kus, and Sahar Tabibi April 22, 2022

As Ismael Ibn Musa Menk says, “Let’s start Ramadan off with a BANG!” Ramadan is the Islamic month of strengthening your faith and connection with Allah SWT (Subhanahu wa ta'ala, meaning “The...

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Although Patriot is taking action to prevent further spread of Covid-19 by sending students home to quarantine and checking for who was in close contact with that individual, safety protocols are increasingly being dismissed by students and staff members.

Patriot Needs to Do Better at Controlling Covid-19 Cases

Covid-19 cases continue to escalate within our school’s walls. Therefore, administration must improve to reduce the increasing number of cases weekly.
Mariana El-khouri April 7, 2022

Upon returning to in-person learning and in midst of the pandemic, there were several safety protocols and rules placed in order to enter the school. For instance, wearing a mask and social distancing...

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The second season of “Cheer,” released on Jan. 12, 2022, Photo credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Cheer Defies the Odds, Gender Roles, and Expands on the Physical and Mental Tolls of Cheer

Anabelle Ford, Reporter April 6, 2022

The Netflix show “Cheer” shares how athletes react to stress while balancing school, the experience of getting on the mat, competing in Orlando, and dealing with day-to-day stresses.   The Mental...

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A clothing rack of clothes from Forever 21 in the Tysons Corner Mall. Fast fashion retailers such as Forever 21 produce inexpensive clothes rapidly in response to the latest trends.

Misconceptions of Thrifting and Fast Fashion

Lexy Panjsheeri April 5, 2022

From popular videos made by big creators such as Emma Chamberlain, "Thrift Hauls" and “"Thrift With Me" videos have arguably played a big part in the recent spike in “thrifting” sales. The term...

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Feminism is White and it Needs to Change

Feminism is White and it Needs to Change

Wamia Chowdhury March 31, 2022

As little girls, we’re taught Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are the reason we can vote as women - that’s not true. They’re the reason white women can vote. The 19th amendment assured,...

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In the image above, The marching pioneers are playing stand tunes.

Behind the Scenes of the Marching Pioneers

Grace Tisinger, Reporter March 30, 2022

It was the coldest game of the season. The stands were packed with seniors and their parents, to support the annual Senior Night football game. On any usual Friday night, the sounds and colors of the Patriot...

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The Metaverse, a virtual reality world imitating the real world and futurism.

Into The Metaverse: The Implications Surrounding a Virtual Universe

Sanya Sewani March 18, 2022

You enter a world where you start over. New person, new choices, new desires, new house, new lifestyle. What’s the most important to you? Making money? Getting educated? Finding love? Buying shelter?...

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PWCS changed the mask policy from mandatory to optional for students, active since Feb. 22. Photo of Enkhmend Erdenbulgan (23).

Opinion: To Mask or Not to Mask

Savannah Farrier March 12, 2022

If I were to tell you to imagine a world where we operated without masks, it would not be that difficult because not too long ago that was our reality. In the past two years the world has undergone drastic...

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