How is Off Season Winter Training Going to Work?

As the pandemic continues, so will school athletics and that means some things will be modified and changed so that sports and activities can continue in a safe way. Mostly all sports seasons have been delayed due to Covid-19 in the meantime off-season training will still be going on with safety precautions. On the Patriot Pioneers Athletics website they said they will be using a program called which gives the school and only the school health information so that the athlete can participate.Sophomore Chase James has been working on his game for this upcoming season. James has been attending Patriots off-season basketball training for the past month.

“The off-season training is working out well and the season is looking good,” James said.

Sophomore Nate Blackman, another Patriot basketball player, voiced similar views on the offseason training and the basketball season.

“I feel good about the off season workouts, they help me get into better shape,” Blackman said.

Some students have spent time on their own training while being unable to attend off-season training. Sophomore Shadrach Nvodjo has spent quarantine preparing for this upcoming track season.

Nvodjo said “ I feel good because I am able to actually get work in while being in a pandemic”.

While most athletes still train for this upcoming season not knowing what is to come when the season starts.

“The basketball season this year is going to be different for sure, I am not sure yet how it’s all going to work out but when we get closer it will become clearer,” James said.

Nvodjo added, “I don’t really know right how the season is going to work but they said we will start in the winter season but I don’t think we will until next year”.

This upcoming sports season will have some challenges and obstacles to overcome but there are things put in place to keep the athletes safe and healthy in the meantime.