Homecoming Dresses: The True Stars of the ‘Under the Stars’ Homecoming Dance


Homecoming is arguably the biggest social event for any high school student. It’s a time to dress up, take pictures, and go out with friends. And with school shut downs that lasted a year, this year’s homecoming has an even bigger impact.

But for some, the question still arises: What am I going to wear?!

This year, Patriot High School’s homecoming theme is “Under The Stars.” 

There are some students who will choose to dress away from this year’s theme. As did some celebrities during the Met Gala, when the chose to go off theme when selecting an outfit. 

However, there are still many options that are cute and on the theme! In this article, you’ll find some options to consider for this year’s homecoming that check all of the main boxes: theme, dress code, and fast shipping! 

Note: Each photo is linked with where you can buy the dress. 

1) The Cinderella Dress

The first dress is available in Macy’s. It can be picked up at Manassas Mall. This gorgeous, metallic-blue dress fits perfectly into the “Under the Stars,” theme. The sparkles will dazzle on the dance floor. With the color being so reminiscent of Cinderella’s classic dress, anyone who wears this is sure to be the belle of the ball! 

Skater Dress


2) The STAR Dress

Metallic Dress
Metallic Dress

The second dress is also available at the same location. This satin gold dress says STAR. This may seem a too literal take on the theme, however, this can be done well with the right accessories or styling.  Similar to how Rihanna took the theme “Heavenly Bodies” literally by dressing like a Catholic priest and looked great, anyone who wears this dress can also do the same. 

3) The Constellation Dress

Teal Skater Dress
Teal Skater Dress

The third dress is available online only. Although green may not seem like a typical “Under the Star,” color, this shimmering emerald- green is like the universe’s constellation.

This dress’s nod to the universe’s color scheme will make it out of this world.


4) The Royal Blue Dress

Blue Dress

The fourth dress is available online and same-day pickup in the JCPenney Fredericksburg location. This dark, royal blue dress resembles the beautiful night sky. Though it is a bit different from the other dresses, since it is long sleeved, it works great for anyone who is looking for a more modest look. However, it still has that fun and flare with its classy open back look. 


5) The Galaxy Dress

Metallic Dress
Metallic Dress

The fifth and final dress is available at the same location with same-day delivery as well. It resembles the first dress of the article. This metallic was popularized back in 2019 and has held on to its popularity. A metallic look gives a very “Under the Stars” theme. What makes this on-theme look different from the first one is that it gives more of a galaxy look. What’s more “Under the Stars” than a space dress? 


In Conclusion

These dresses could be used as an outfit option or even just as inspiration. Hopefully though, this will be one less thing to worry about for homecoming.