Head Boys’ Lacrosse Coach Has High Hopes for the Season

Lacrosse is one of the most competitive sports at Patriot High School. The Varsity lacrosse team is coached by Dan Puhlick. His team for varsity has just finished up their Virginia Elite Lacrosse (VEL) season. VEL is a pre-season lacrosse tournament between different schools.

Unfortunately, the Patriot team didn’t win their VEL season. Coach Dan Puhlick says that he is extremely proud of how the team has been shaping up.

“The team does a fantastic job in trusting one another,” Puhlick said. 

With it now being December, the Lacrosse team prepares for Fierce Nation, which is the winter league. Right now, workouts for the Lacrosse team have started back up, so the team is training for Fierce Nation and the main season. 

With the team training before the main season comes in a few months, Coach Puhlick has taken to reconstruct the way he works his offense. Before, the team worked in two sets of three, now the team works in three sets of two, where there will always be movement so that the defense won’t catch a break.

Coach Puhlick has changed the formation of his offensive players this year.

“The team has a very high skill set, and that combined with their athleticism, this new formation should make everybody collectively better,” Puhlick said.

Pulick has high hopes for the team.

“I think the team has the potential to be one of the best teams in the region, and if they continue to put in hard work and dedication, the sky’s the limit,” Puhlick said.