Cross Country Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

The start of the season for the season for the Patriot High School Cross Country team means running forty-five to fifty miles a week, but it also means the best part of the season: the ultimate frisbee tournament. 

Every year the team divides into smaller teams and are assigned a color. This year there were six teams, black, green, pink, tie-dye, USA, and purple. Everyone dresses up and decks themselves out in their team color and comes prepared to compete. Some teams even paint their faces and dye their hair. This is one of the highlights of the season for most of the team. 

Senior captain, Ryan Hammacher explains, “It’s a great way for the freshman to get to know the team.”

The freshmen get to see how competitive the team can get, without the pressure of going to a meet. 

The tournament consists of each team playing each other, then the teams with the most won games play each other. The top two teams then compete to win, this year the winning team got corn cob trophies. The top two teams this year were pink and green. The pink team came out on top and took the corn cobs home.

“Ultimate frisbee is a popular game among most cross-country teams, when you go to meets there usually is at least one team with a frisbee.” Senior Miles Polhamus said. 

A frisbee is easy to carry around and is not as dangerous as a football. This makes it easy to transport from meet to meet and play without getting anyone injured. 

The tradition has continued every year since patriot has opened and will continue for years to come. The team looks forward to this event every year. Rumor has it that the tournament was so popular this year that there might be another tournament at the end of the season. This is a tradition that every person who has been on the team will always remember as a part of their PHS cross country career.