Hockey Team Prepares to Improve from Last Season

The Pioneers look to improve with new players all over the ice.

Last season, the Patriot hockey team finished with a record of five wins, four losses, and one tie. The team finished the season third in their division, keeping themselves in the playoff hunt. Although, the record doesn’t tell the whole story, as the single tie was against Battlefield, who always presents a strong fight. The game was accompanied by many other close games. Needless to say, the hockey team played in many must-see matchups last year.

This year, the team looks to maintain a strong record, and with improvement they could play their way to the top of the division. Despite graduating five seniors last year, the remaining members of the team believe that they will be just as strong of a contender as last year.

 The incorporation of everyone, including a number of underclassmen, is going to make this season memorable for everyone involved. However, with the team graduating numerous upperclassmen last year, some of the team’s leadership positions are up for grabs.

 “We have a lot of younger kids and we’re trying to get them out on the ice,” senior Jack Moore said, “Me, Daniel Salazar, Ben Simons, Ryan Wilson…even Aidan Fairchild as a freshman. All of us need to step up.”

Each player will have to use their individual skill set to benefit the team in order for them to maximize their potential. Becoming a true team and refining their chemistry will also be vital to their success this season. 

“I think with my experience [outside of Patriot], I can add a lot to the team,” freshman Aidan Fairchild said.

“I hope to add depth to the team and be a reliable defenseman.” freshman Brady Sullivan said.

“Working together outside of practice, because we don’t have a lot of practices…that will help us come together.” Moore said.

Overall, this will be a season of discovery for the Patriot Hockey team as each player is in search of what contributions he can make, so we must come out and support them on their journey.