New Club Swings into Patriot

Patriot welcomes the new Ping-Pong club.

Patriot offers a variety of clubs and activities to participate in, with clubs that appeal to everyone’s individual interests. Now, two students of Patriot have implemented a new club for a popular rec-room sport. The ping pong club, launched by sophomores Peyton Rahn and Nicolas Pascarella, offers anyone a fun and relaxed time playing ping pong, whether they’re new to the table or an avid player. 

Nick and Peyton started the club so they could have an opportunity to collaborate with friends outside of the normal school hours, gaining sponsorship from science teacher Gregory McKenzie, who agrees with the purpose of founding the club. McKenzie wanted the students to have a good time after school, even if it takes hard work. 

“It’s not easy, a lot of work, but it is a great way for a lot of kids to connect outside of school” McKenzie said.

The ping pong club isn’t the first club McKenzie has sponsored. He was also a sponsor for the Red Cross club and is currently sponsoring the video game club. It’s clear from the clubs that he sponsors that McKenzie is a very proactive and fun-loving teacher. When he’s not in the classroom, you can catch him outdoors enjoying nature, exploring, and doing other outdoor activities.

He’s always ready for fun, whether it’s hopping in a kayak and heading downstream or going for a hike through the woods. The ping pong club is another one of McKenzie’s fun adventures that he gets to share with the students of Patriot. The fun, collaborative new ping pong club is welcoming all students to join them on Thursdays after school. For more information on the ping pong club and meetings, head to Mr. McKenzie’s room, upstairs in room 2102.