College Football is a GO!

College Football is a GO!

A huge student section spreads throughout the stadium with their team colors on every square inch of their body, as people are yelling full of excitement for the outcome of the game. That’s how you know college football has officially started. 


This year has brought lots of new opinions to many sports broadcasters, as we have teams who are shining like never before. Michigan Wolverines is a team that has everyone talking, ranking number 4. Their only two opponents that are ranked this season are The Ohio State Buckeyes and Penn State Panthers, which will be intense games to say the least.


The Wolverines go 4-0 with their recent win against Maryland. Maryland brought a tough offense into the game, however, the Wolverines’ rocky defense was able to hold them. Their offense was similar, as it didn’t perform as nearly sharp as in the first 3 weeks. While Maryland wasn’t ranked, they were the first team to shake up Michigan this season. 


Ohio State, ranked number three, looks to go back to the championship as they have been ranked in the top 10 the past 7 years. Ohio State’s starting QB, Cj Stroud has given them anything but doubt throughout the first four weeks of the season. In the most recent game against the Toledo Rockets, Stroud threw 5 touchdowns for a total of 367 yards. The score of the game was 77-21, one of the biggest point differences in college football. 


Most of us are used to seeing Clemson or Alabama at the number 1 seed. However, this year the number 1 seed is the Georgia Bulldogs, who have consistently kept their rankings under top 5 within the most recent years. Their highly ranked offense is held together by their star QB, Stetson Bennett, however their defense is the main concern and will be the deal breaker in their season outcome. 


Coming in at number two we have the one and only Alabama Crimson Tide. Despite their ranking and previous championship win, Former Tide WR describes Alabama’s offense as, “watching cold paint dry.” This team has been in the top 3 ranking within the past 5 years and looks to continue that streak. They started off the season with a neck and neck game against the 22 seed, Texas Longhorns. This game really set the environment for their season, however they are still 3-0 so far. 


Week 4 brought lots of emotions to college football fans. The Tennessee Volunteers played the Florida Gators, one of the biggest rivalry games in college football. While the Gators were able to keep up the game, their defense was no match for the Vols offense. The Vols won 38-33 in a neck and neck game. 


Speaking of a neck and neck game, the Arkansas Razorbacks (10) and Texas A&M (23) was a game worth watching. The entire game was back and forth in scoring, with the game winning score coming down to the very last second. The Aggies were down, when their defensive back recovered a fumble for a 82-yard touchdown. The Razorbacks had a chance to come back with 1:30 left to go, when their kicker missed the game winning field goal. 


This year’s season will not disappoint college fans, with many upsets and underdogs coming through. Who knows, maybe it’ll be your team that makes it all the way.