The G.O.A.T. v.s. The Future

This photo was originally posted on Flickr by Jeffrey Beall.

I’ve never had more in common with Ricky Bobby, because I don’t know what to do with my hands. How do you describe what just happened? The best, most dangerous quarterback and the most explosive offense in the NFL in the Chiefs, held without a touchdown in a Super Bowl blowout of historic proportions. The world knew Tom Brady would take care of the football, and capitalize on any gifts he was given via self-inflicted errors by the Chiefs, and he certainly did. Brady completed 21 of 29 passes for 209 yards and three touchdowns, with no turnovers.

Everyone that watches football knew the Bucs could score 31 points, but the question was, would it be enough? Turns out, the Bucs only needed 10 points, thanks to a masterful performance from Todd Bowles and his suffocating defense, handing Mahomes the largest deficit of his NFL career. Tampa Bay forced two turnovers on downs, and got the only two takeaways of the game, as Mahomes was running for his life for all four quarters. 

The Chiefs couldn’t get out of their own way in the first half, handing the Bucs extended drives with multiple penalties, which is a death sentence against Brady and his weapons. Tampa Bay scored four touchdowns in a span of five possessions, and continued handling their business on defense all night long. Patriot junior Colin Weisenborne said, “As a proud Chiefs fan this game was hard to watch, our offensive line was atrocious.”

The Bucs had already made history as the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home stadium, and they played like a group that didn’t want to just be the answer to a trivia question. They dominated the best team in football for 60 minutes in all three phases of the game, offense defense and special teams. This game was billed as a potential shootout, an epic matchup of the GOAT against the future at quarterback. Instead, it turned into a blowout, just like it did the last time the Bucs were in the Super Bowl, simple as that. Junior Dallas Richards made these comments on Tom Brady: “That’s the greatest to ever do it, no debate anymore, as of right now Tom Brady is the best football player of all time.”

To summarize what the audience saw in Brady’s 7th Super Bowl win, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles dialed up a terrific game plan that put Patrick Mahomes under pressure and took Tyreek Hill out of the contest. Tampa Bay’s offense took advantage of the defensive showing and opened up a double-digit gap on the scoreboard by halftime. The Buccaneers’ continued dominance in the second half allowed Tom Brady to have the largest margin of victory of his seven Super Bowl triumphs.