Celebrating Patriot High School’s Tenth Anniversary

An overview of the event on September 10th


Patriot high school’s tenth anniversary event is going to be one of the most exciting celebrations of this year. With all of the events it leaves families and students anticipating its arrival. 

The Parade

The events start at 5:00 pm and begin with a parade from T. Clay Wood to Patriot, the band is going to be led by the previous marching band director Mr. Van Gelder. As the parade ends the carnival will begin. 

The Carnival & Food

The carnival attractions start at 5:30 and have a variety of events and activities ranging for all ages from Kindergarten to even our Senior class. Some of the booths are being run by clubs with small minigames at each one. There will be booths like basketball shooting, cup pong, ring toss, and even three bouncy castles. The entire carnival will  be located in the senior parking lot by the rock wall. 

Mrs. Sharon Shipman, the Social Studies and Leadership teacher says, “I’m excited for them all, every single club including sponsors and members worked extremely hard to make this happen. I will say I’m super interested in seeing the haunted house and of course the three bounce houses that leadership is running.”

While the carnival is running, the taste of the town portion will start shortly after, there are various types of booths and food options for all to enjoy from candy apples, to pizza, and even barbeque. 

Dr. Bishop, principal of Patriot high school commented on the food options for the fair, “I think that Chick-fil-A will be my number one, but these guys right here velocity wings they do a really nice job so that’ll be fun.”

The Auction

For the parents and those who would like to join, later on there will be a silent auction around 7:00 before the game.  Some of the items up for auction are signed posters by old patriot athletes and some faculty, items from the Washington Football Team, the Nationals, and many more collectibles as well. The raffle for some pioneers is what they are most excited for, with the hopes of winning up to $2,500. The final event of the night  is the football game, Patriot is facing Forest Park in which they are anticipating a win.

Tips for the Big Day

Before you go to the event, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get off on the right foot. If you were planning on getting food you should bring cash with you since some vendors may only take cash, or you can even get samples from every truck and get a real “taste of the town” with only a $10 cost, from several vendors. If you can, to avoid long lines it would be best to buy your ticket during lunches from leadership students for only $5 to access all 20 games along with 3 bouncy houses, and a haunted house. If you were planning on staying after the carnival itself ended, and going to the game, the theme is going to be Hawaiian so make sure to show your support by dressing up. So in other words, come out to Patriot, play some games, get some food, and watch the football game. It took months of planning and preparation to get this all to work so come out and show your appreciation to all those who helped plan, and lastly have some fun!