Patriot Unfiltered: How Do I Manage My Stress For School?

Patriot Unfiltered is the advice column by the The Charge staff. This series is a safe space for students to ask questions regarding any problems they may be facing.

Patriot Unfiltered: How Do I Manage My Stress For School?

Dear Patriot Unfiltered,

Everything. is going wrong. I have to do retakes and a lot of school work of mine is due. I have no motivation to do anything. I have a college app due next week. I want to run away and live on a mountain. Other days I just want to stay in my bed. On the bright side, I got new shoes.


Failing at Life


Dear Failing at Life,

First off, I’m glad you got a new pair of shoes. It’s normal to be stressed as a student – high school is no joke. My advice to you is to just take it one step at a time (preferably with your new shoes).

Create small goals for yourself. When you achieve a small feat, reward yourself with a small gift. Try to learn some time management skills. Here’s a video with a few tips, Tips for Effective Time Management. Another tip is keeping an agenda or notebook. Writing down your new assignments, upcoming due dates, and missing work can help you figure out where to start.

Don’t stress about it too much. Take some time off for yourself and remember that your mental health comes first. Do something you enjoy doing and return back to your school life with a clear mind. Surround yourself with positive people who can give you motivation. Take every opportunity you get to go outside and calm your mind for a bit. Try repeating a few affirmations during class or even during tests/when you’re studying to help motivate you. Remember to always keep a snack or water bottle with you to keep you energized.


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