Patriot Unfiltered: How Do I Get Better At Spanish?

Patriot Unfiltered is the advice column by the The Charge staff. This series is a safe space for students to ask questions regarding any problems they may be facing.

Patriot Unfiltered: How Do I Get Better At Spanish?

Dear Patriot Unfiltered,

I am struggling with Spanish. You would think that since I’m in Spanish IV, I would know a good amount. But I don’t. Any tips?

Struggling Señorita


Dear Struggling Señorita,

Learning any language is a difficult task, but you’ve made it this far. Right? In my first year of Spanish, my teacher told me that it takes 15 years to become fluent in any language, so it’s understandable to be struggling in the early years. The pandemic also may have hindered your ability to learn Spanish, as it’s hard enough to learn a new language, and another to learn it over Zoom. The switch from virtual to in person could not have helped either. Luckily, Patriot has many resources for struggling students, one of which is the Spanish Honor society.

Besides the difficulties of learning a new language, the pandemic may have also added to the learning struggles because learning a new language is hard enough on its own, but it’s even harder when learning over Zoom classes.

Luckily, Patriot offers many resources for its struggling students. For example, The Spanish Honor Society is a good place to look for help. You can use this link to go to their page.

Another place that could help is your own Spanish teacher. Check with your teacher about their office hours to go in and talk over what you’re struggling with.

When I was taking Spanish, I noticed that watching YouTube videos by Señor Jordan helped me grab a better understanding of the language. He makes videos on everything covered in most Spanish classes. Linked here is his channel.

All in all, learning a language is a very rewarding struggle. We hope this helps your struggling stop, Señorita!


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